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Next Sailing: February 21-24, 2025


If you missed our last conference, you missed a lot!

2023 GSBA Conference Schedule

    Bon Voyage!  
February 16    
7:00pm   Opening Reception  
    At Sea
February 17   Sessions Authors
9:00-9:30   Conference Opening & Updates Whisenant
9:30-9:55   The Olympic Games and Social Evolution: A Film-Based Curriculum Rosenberg
10:00-10:25   Title IX and High School Athletics: A Reckoning at Hand? Burke
10:30-10:55   The Panic Has Started: Transgender Female Athletes, Banishment, and a Slippery Slope for all Female Athletes Riemer
11:00-11:25   Bare Knuckle or Bare Naked: Female Fighters Creating A Brand At The Risk Of Alienating Sponsors and Fans Malmo
11:30-1:30   Lunch Break  
1:30-1:55   Curriculum Development of Sports Analytics Jones, McDermand & Olvera
2:00-2:25   Sport Analytics Park
2:30-2:55   An Examination of the Possible Connections Between eSports and Professional Preparation Programs in Sport Management Case & Overton
7:00-8:00   Reception  
    Key West
February 18   Sessions Authors
8:30-8:55   Examining How Designed Constraints Influence NCAA Division II Athletes' Physical Performance Taylor & Hinchman
9:00-9:25   CrossFit, Inc. vs CrossFit The Sport: A Case of Mismanaged Relationships and Identity Crisis Jones, McDermand, Jones & Reece
9:30-9:55   The Role of Athletic Directors in Creating Positive School Culture: A Qualitative Study Franke & Huberty
10:00-10:25   Interscholastic Sport Research in the United States: We Can Co Better Johnson, Forsyth, Fraina & Whisenant
10:30-10:55   So… What DO You Want? Phase Two Of An Examination of Junior Golf Consumer Behavior Weiner, Smucker & Jisha
11:00-11:25   Impact of Community on Ticket Pricing Decisions Reese & Jones
11:30-11:55   A Roadmap To Financial Sustainability: A Case Study In Creating a Financially Successful Non-Profit Organization Rolfe, Cork, Carlton, Malmo & Li
February 19   Sessions Authors
8:00-8:25   Poster Presentations
8:30-8:55   Know Thyself: Understanding Personality Strengths and Job Satisfaction in Sport Management Vooris & Clavio
9:00-9:25   What Is the Dominant Personality Trait of College Faculty? Shawver, Taylor & Hinchman
9:30-9:55   Utilizing Social Cognitive Career Theory Sellars & Hazzaa
10:00-10:25   Break  
10:30-10:55 Sport Management Academics Job Search 2002-23: Research and Practical Advice Grappendorf, Damon, Grube & Pickett
11:00-11:25   Students and Untenured Faculty Only Session: Negotiating After Receiving a Job Offer Grube & Grappendorf
6:30pm Closing Reception  
    Gender Differences in Sport Fans' Perceptions of Public Relations Messaging Following A Scandal Damon, Brown & Pickett
    The Relationship Between the Political Affiliations of Football Teams' Fans and Head Injuries Caused By Those Teams Foreman
    What Makes Esports Consumers Watch Streamers' Live-streaming: Extending the Theory of Planned Behavior Jang, Song & Byon
    Challenges and Opportunities for International Student-Athletes Within the Proposed NIL Federal Legislation Jara-Pazmino
    Assessing Transgender Athlete Participation In Sports From the Perspective of Cisgendered Athletes (Allies and Not) Reifurth
  Marcus Rasford: An Outstanding Personal Brand Vincent
    Perception is Reality: Examining Student-Athlete Perception of Their Own NIL Value Weiner
  Does working more hours at Division II or III pay off with on-field success? Huml, Stensland, Taylor, Nite & Ishida


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